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Effective 1st July 2024, the Australian Federal Government has decided to ban engineered stone containing crystalline silica to ensure the safety of workers and consumers. During this period, we will ensure our customers’ satisfaction while developing market-leading surfaces for indoor and outdoor applications.

During this unpredictable announcement and transition process, we assure you of our commitment to safety and well-being. Master Tops is dedicated to providing the best customer service and aims for transparency so you can make informed decisions for your residential, resort, and commercial interiors.

Although this government regulation can seem concerning, Master Tops assures you of our adherence to the required safety guidelines so that you can feel confident in your decision to choose our products. 

During the transition period, we will implement all engineered stone surfaces as planned. 

It is essential to note that we craft our surfaces using low-silica engineering stone in compliance with safety requirements. We are committed to the safety of our employees and our clients, while simultaneously ensuring a durable, sustainable, and environment-friendly product. 

To continue providing quality products to our clients, we plan to add new designs and functionality to our tops for indoor and outdoor implementation. 

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The team at Master Tops has 20 years of combined industry experience.


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We are specialised in manufacturing stone products for high end residential, resort and commercial markets.

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Our services include the manufacture and installation of porcelain, dekton, natural and engineered stone bench tops for your kitchen, laundry, and bathroom.

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  • Why is engineering stone being banned?
    Effective 1st July 2024, the Australian Federal Government will ban engineering stone because of the increased silicosis cases in the labor working with it. Silicos is a lung disease caused by inhaling significant amounts of crystalline silica dust, the fine dust created when cutting, grinding, drilling, or sawing engineering stone. Research shows that workers exposed to silica dust were more likely to get sick and had higher mortality rates.
  • What comes under the engineering stone ban?
    WHS regulations had agreed to ban the manufacture and use of engineering stone from 1st July 2024. Engineering stone is a product that: Becomes hardened Has at least 1% crystalline silica as a weight concentration Is created by combining stone with water, resin, or pigments The ban does not include the following products: Concrete and cement Bricks, pavers, and other similar blocks Ceramic walls Floor tiles Porcelain products Roof tiles Grout and mortar Plasterboard The board has also unanimously decided that engineered stone products, such as jewelry, ornaments, and sculptures do not pose a threat and are not banned.
  • When will the ban come into effect?
    In most jurisdictions, the ban will be effective from 1st July 2024. For more information, contact your local jurisdiction’s WHS regulator.
  • Will Master Tops be fulfilling existing orders?
    Until the implementation of the ban on 1st July 2024, we will carry out all contracts for installation and maintenance as usual. We are dedicated to completing all engineered stone orders before 1st July 2024 to comply with the federal government requirements.
  • What happens to previously installed engineering stone?
    Any repairs, maintenance, and modification of currently installed engineering stone is not considered a part of the ban. However, all companies that carry out this work should inform WHS regulators to ensure they are following the required safety protocols. It is essential to avoid any DIY work with engineered stone. If you require modifications, removal, or disposal, consult a qualified worker who can use measures to minimize silica dust and avoid health concerns.
  • Is my family in danger with a Master Tops product in my home?
    Any product that has already been installed is considered perfectly safe. Engineered stone is only considered unsafe during implementation because it generates silica dust. Moreover, all our products are crafted with low-range silica, ensuring the complete safety and well-being of your family and our employees.
  • Does Master Tops have a safety protocol to follow when working with engineered stone?
    When cutting, grinding, drilling, or trimming engineering stone, we use the following: A water suppression system to prevent dust from spreading into the air An on-tool dust extraction system Local exhaust ventilation system We also provide proper protective equipment to all our employees to ensure their well-being. Equipment includes boots, gloves, helmets, face shields, fitting face masks, chemical splash goggles, personal protective equipment, and hearing protection.
  • Are there any safe alternatives to engineered stone?
    Australian consumers have several safe alternatives to engineered stone available: Porcelain Stainless steel Recycled glass Timber Lamination

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